Frequently Asked Questions.

+ What size are the prints?

The prints themselves measure 15" x 10", but are 20" x 16" with the mount.

+ How are they packaged?

They are carefully packaged between two sheets of think cardboard in a padded Jiffy Bag to ensure they stay in perfect condition all the way to your home.

+ How long will my order take to arrive?

I send them by Hermes 2-Day delivery, as soon as I receive the order, so it shouldn't be more than two or three days.

+ What if I see a different photograph on your Flickr that I really like?

Then let me know - I'm happy to produce individual pieces on request.

+ Do you take photographs for weddings or other events?

I don't, but I have two good friends I would heartily recommend:

+ What does ‘Hiraeth' mean?

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that literally translates into English as 'longing', though in Welsh the concept of yearning for a place removed in space or time is far more powerful and evocative than in English. It is a deep longing for home.

+ How do you pronounce it?

It is pronounced with two syllables. The first is like the English ‘here’, with a strong ‘r'. The second is like the ‘ith' in smith. (You can also say 'eye-th' for the second syllable, if you wish.)